Shipping Sark

Shipping to Sark, Paul Davis Freight Services offer a regular freight shipping to and delivery service to these outer Channel Islands inclyding Sark for business to business customers, business to home and personal home shopping customers. Goods can be delivered to either the company's Bristol or Southampton depot for immediate onward shipment or the company can arrange collections from customer premises using its extensive vehicle collection fleet. Shipping to Sark is easy with PDFS.
Deliveries into the home are made with specialised delivery vehicles and fully experienced staff with tailor made delivery equipment.

Freight to Sark
Shipping to Sark
Why Paul Davis Freight Services?

Dedicated Account Manager.

Shipping to all of the offshore islands.

Experienced in all types of products.

Mainland receiving facilities.

Door to door full load service available to all markets.

Track & Trace / KPI reporting facility.

Integration of customers' own paperwork.

Daily departures to Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight & Ireland.

Regular departures to the Scottish Islands and the Isles of Scilly.

Operation under Road Haulage Association terms & conditions.

Hazardous goods capability.

Bespoke home delivery service to all destinations using our fully experienced
delivery teams.
Shipping to Sark
Shipping to  Sark - Regularly

Shipping to Sark,

PDFS is currently shipping to Sark.
Sark is a small island in the Channel Islands situated in the southwestern English Channel, it is off the French coast near to Normandy. located in the Channel Islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Sark has its  own set of laws based on Norman law as well as its own parliament. The company believes that customer care is always paramount, and consults with it's customers on an on going basis to ensure that the company is best placed to cater for current and future customer requirements.

Shipping to Sark