Merge PDF


How to merge PDF Files

1. Upload Files

Select both PDFs that should be merged together. The second PDF will be added after the first PDF.

2. Start Merging

Click on the "Start Merge" Button.

3. Download the result

Download your HTML packed in a ZIP-File!

merge pdf

Easy and free online tool to combine PDF Files

With our online PDF-tool, it's simple to combine PDF Documents together. You don't have to download any expensive software, to merge PDFs together.

What happens during PDF merging?

Unlike PDF splitting, PDF merging attaches 2 PDFs to each other. The second PDF file is appended at the end of the first PDF file. When the merging is done, you have a single file, which you can download back to your computer.

What to do if the PDF is too big?

If your PDF is too large, we recommend to compress the PDF. This will make the PDF smaller.
Use our PDF Compressor for this purpose.

Our PDF-Tools are secure!

Your data is very important to us! That's why we attach great importance to security. We do not share your data and delete it as soon as it is no longer needed.

secure pdf